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Your school logo is vital to the success of your brand. It is the school’s signature – unique, distinctive and reflective of personality, character and culture. It is the ubiquitous face of your school appearing on everything from your prospectus to your uniform.

We appreciate the sensitivity of your logo and its importance to your school. The tradition, history and heritage of your school is encapsulated within it, and any changes need to be very carefully considered.

We specialise in creating a completely new look, spruce-ups, or in the worst case scenario, changing the odd frog into a handsome prince. To protect your school logo we also create guidelines, so that it is always presented consistently to protect all the hard work you’ve put
it to it.

At The Agency for Education we can work collaboratively with you and all key stakeholders at the school to create your new school logo, supporting brand messaging and then marketing for your wider community. Just drop us a line and we can have a chat about what you need.

Let’s talk more about your requirements on 0121 224 8300 and see how our expertise can help your school today!

Recent school logo, brand and design projects

Prospectus Design The Agency

Manor Multi Academy Trust

Priors' Field Sixth brand and marketing by The Agency for Education

Prior’s Field Sixth

RGS Guildford Idenity by The Agency for Education

RGS Guildford

Canford School brand identity by The Agency for Education


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