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Communicating the big idea

From a simple local press ad through to a electronic banner campaign, we can deliver the results your school needs from advertising. We work out what you want achieve with the ad, we do the research on your school, your competitors, and the market, then we sit down with that blank piece of paper to get a ‘lightbulb’ moment that will create a great ad that really works hard for you.

Print Advertising

Traditional printed advertising is still one of the most common mediums in the sector. Local publications often run specials for Open Days or one off education supplements which being seen in can still be an important element to promoting your school. Other options like bus advertising, outdoor and adshel opportunities can all be explored depending on the budget.

Traditional Magazine advertising

Web Advertising

Online banner advertising should always be a consideration but not necessarily in the obvious places. We can consider what sites will your potential parents visit and look right and left of the usual local newspaper sites. While click through rates are notoriously low, the cost is usually considerably less than their printed counterparts and supporting elements such as landing pages can be deployed to track and offer more tailored content to people who click on the adverts.

Google Advertising

Paid for search is dominating marketing budgets and when done correctly, can be a highly effective way of attracting people to your website. It can also be quite expensive as completion for key words can be high, but it is also easy to track results and identity what return you could expect from initiating a PPC campaign.

Google Analytics by The AGency for Education
Email marking for schools

E Advertising

Electronic marketing to an opted in database is an invaluable and cost effective way to stay in touch with key stake holders and communicate throughout the sales journey right through the time at school. It allows you to send video, good news stories achievements regularly in a consistent, clearly branded way.

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