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Building a strong brand for your school

A powerful school brand sets you apart. The brand is your school’s signature – unique, distinctive and reflective of personality, character and culture. Your school brand is much more than just a logo or corporate identity. It is the public face of your school, your reputation and encompasses all aspects of your communication. By leveraging the knowledge of those who work within your school on a day-to-day basis, we can gain a crystal clear understanding of the brand positioning. The most successful schools leave no doubt as to what they stand for and this should be reflected in the logo and all accompanying communication materials.

Brand Consultancy & Strategy

Decades of brand and marketing experience has given us the commercial acumen to identify and assess where your communications need to work harder and deliver a return. We create measurable objectives to benchmark our progress against, then work closely with you to guide your school towards more successful marketing.

Brand Audit
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Research & Insight

We can help schools understand much more about how their brand is perceived through our Smarta Research activities. If it is considered that market intelligence is particularly lacking in any one area, we can focus research to understand where the weakest areas in the marketing and sales process are, and then diagnose any issues with definitive solutions.

  • School Tour & Marketing Audit
  • Mystery Shopper
  • Stakeholder Survey
  • Non-buyer Interviews
  • Catchment Area Intelligence

Brand Audit

We fully immerse ourselves in the culture and practices of your school. To gain that valuable insight we would like to experience an in-depth visit. This will take two forms, firstly as if we were prospective parents, shown everything that you are most proud of, and then a deeper look behind the scenes revealing all the crucial elements of the school that may not be immediately apparent simply on a visit or open day. We will be listening and questioning throughout to draw out the details that we can build on to create a story of the school so that we may fully understand the atmosphere, ethos and the sales process.

We will audit all the existing communication materials that the school use and evaluate how effective they are or have been, assessing where we can make improvements and make recommendations for a more cost effective and impactful strategy moving forward.

Brand Audit for your school
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Brand Identity

Your school logo is vital to the success of your brand. It is the school’s signature – unique, distinctive and reflective of personality, character and culture. It is the ubiquitous face of your school, appearing on everything from your prospectus to uniforms. We appreciate the sensitivity of your logo and its importance to your school. The tradition, history and heritage of your school is encapsulated within it, and any changes need to be very carefully considered. We specialise in creating a completely new look, spruce-ups, or in the worst case scenario, changing the odd frog into a handsome prince. To protect your logo we also create guidelines, so that it is always presented consistently to protect all the hard work you’ve put it to it.

Messaging and Language Bank

Could you write down a defining statement about your school on to a post-it note? Are you known for having an academic focus or are you more creatively biased?

Through our research and consultancy process we work with you to define the core messages about the school and then document the values and unique aspects that make you, you.

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