FREE e-book: Using digital marketing to promote your school

By February 22, 2016Downloads, Insight
The Agency for Education Quick Guide to Using digital marketing to promote your school

We are all continually looking for new ways to promote our schools. The internet provides a wide variety of opportunities to spread the word. Everyone knows the explosive growth of social media, and the fact is it has become a major communication channel to both receive and spread information. There are now over 1550,000,000 active users on Facebook alone! The eternal problem as ever with all things connected with the internet, is that nothing ever appears to be simple.

The wonderful world of internet marketing has unfortunately been hijacked by consultants who prefer jargon and buzzwords over plain English to explain any idea. Everything seems shrouded in mystery and even the simplest of tasks seem to be complicated beyond comprehension. The fact of the matter is that most schools, academies and colleges can deploy digital marketing techniques very simply and easily as both an information and promotional tool.

To give a helping hand to schools, at The Agency for Education we are on a mission to de-mystify internet marketing. The first small step is an e-book cleverly titled “Using digital marketing to promote your school.” The book outlines some of the techniques you can use that are both straightforward and cost-effective. Although you may already be using some of the approaches outlined, it is just designed as one small step to try and allow everyone to harness the power of the internet, without all the complications along the way. After all, as Confucious said “a journey of a 100o miles start with one step”

The guide is completely FREE, just click on the link below and we hope it will go some way to help you shape a way forward with your online strategy and help you promote your school.